Installation Enhancements in Oracle Database 10g

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New Features Support

The Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) calls the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) during the installation process. These two utilities provide the following support for Oracle 10g new features:

  • Automatic Configuration of Recovery Area - A recovery area, or flash recovery area, is a location of an ASM disk group or filesystem which is used to hold files related to backup, recovery and flashback operations amongst other things (see ). The DBCA is now able to configure a default recovery area during the creation of a new instance.
  • Automatic Oracle Enterprise Manager Configuration - Oracle 10g includes a radical revision of Enterprise Manager, which the DBCA supports by automatically configuring an OEM repository during instance creation. An email address and an SMTP server can be specified to enable the Enterprise Manager alert notification system.
  • Grid Control Configuration - Instances can be optionally managed by an existing grid control.
  • Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Configuration - ASM is a new feature that has be introduced in Oracle 10g to simplify the storage of Oracle-related files (see ). The DBCA can create and configure ASM instances, allowing database instances to use ASM disk groups in place of regular files or raw partitions. This functionality is available for both single instance and RAC databases.

Performance Enhancements

The following performance improvements have been made to the installation process:

  • Simplified Database Install - The whole installation process has been revised. The most common installations can be performed from a single CD, with reduced requirements for CPU, memory and disk space.
  • Basic Installations - Windows environments can make use of a "Basic Installation" option to reduce the amount of operator input during the installation process.
  • Automatic Integrated Clusterware Installation - The OUI automatically installs and starts a number of components realted to Real Application Clusters (RAC)
  • Automatic Oracle Real Application Clusters Services Configuration - Total configuration time has been reduced as the DBCA can now automatically configure RAC environments.
  • Automatic Backup Scheduling - The post-installation configration time has been reduced as the DBCA can optionally create instances which are automatically backed up.
  • Automatic Oracle Enterprise Manager Configuration - Automatic configuration of the OEM repository reduces the amount of post-installation configuration.
  • True Silent Mode Installations - Silent installations no longer use visual components so references to X servers are no longer necessary.

Form more information see:

Installation Enhancements in Oracle Database 10g

Installation Enhancements in Oracle Database 10g Posted on 20-03-2014  Installation of the Oracle 10g database software has been enhanced in several ways. This articles provides a brief summary of the improvements 5/10 721


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