Putting your Web Archive Top Google, why did you fail?

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Are you putting up top web Google? You want to top Google higher and higher. Have you studied and are prepared to do that? Please read this article 3 times before performing. Surely you will be successful!

To put up top web Google, I think you should read this article three times. Make sure you understand clearly, and read carefully. You will be on top web Google when you look closely. Be sure about that offline!

Your website will have many more visits. You will sell more products, more people use the service. And many more people know about you. If it is located on the top Google. Or are you on top, or your opponent is on top. Be decisive!

So many ways, so many tips and lots of note to bring up the top web Google . There are those who take the formula, periodic table, things just look complicated and only saw it all started aching. Throw all those things before you read this article. Because none of them, may do so would ensure Google top for all.

When you find a reason to fail, then in the next step you can succeed. Let's start with trogiup.net find the reasons why you can not give up top google web

The first reason: You do not have good content

It is easy to see in most content, which is the length of the content. Your content is short, little chance for your website to top google. Content is under 300 words short, medium you need to write 500-700 words. And better if you can write more than 1,000 words. It would be best if your article is greater than 1500 letters

You can not copy other people's content and look forward to top it. Although this sometimes happens. But you will be reporting copyright infringement. And lose everything. Think about it before you copy the contents of other people.

If you do not have the ability to write, or can not write more than 1,500 words, look to my writing services, guarantee cheap tasty tonic for you.

Next on good content that you give the reader enough information they want. The easiest determine the full content as part of the segment is represented by the tags h1, h2, h3 ... The contents such as images, video and the signs help you get a better assessment.

Good content is unique the most important, if your content is unique, you will have the opportunity to top Google higher. Unique content, are shown "that it is the" content that no one exploited. Or aspects that no one did.

Suming the tag of the match between Brazil and Germany have occurred. If you look in terms of swordplay novel Kim Dung, or compare with the victory of Vietnam with Laos 10 years ago. It's likely that your site will be on top Google on countless other web news.

Only creative people are able to write unique content out, everyone loves them, and even Google. Do not ever think that you would be crazy. As long as you see it creatively. Try to overlook!

The second reason: Keywords you choose not specific 

Keywords are words that users enter to search. The common word would have to find more momentum. And people often choose generic words to search by browsing. I agree that generic words will have many visitors. But I disagree with the viewpoint, to have more access to select from generic.

Your goal is to have more access, your purpose is not to choose generic words. And you need to understand this more. general keywords often have the customer conversion rate is lower than the specific keywords. At this point, is simply, rather 1 day 5 visitors and 1 person ordering, better still one day have 50 visitors and 1 person ordered.

You need to "localize" the generic keyword, ie to search for specific words and more specifically about your field to bring up the top web Google. This is especially important if you have started building a website. And it is a prerequisite for your style later.

Specifying the keyword selected issues: For example you do about sua DOORS, instead of writing a general fix DOORS. You can further concretized by editing the book + maker. Or more in repair DOORS + sites ...

Make sure you're using one whole efficiently and specific words to put up top Google website. The reason for this is Google like the "small company" means the website content development under the first few fixed certain topic. They do not like things in general.

The third reason: You do not have anyone associated

Other sites link to you, also known as backlinks. Learn how to build backlinks. You need to have the reputed web links with you. That means you need to contact the branch with your general, or the bloggers write about your problem. You can also send good articles can be useful to the news website. Then you will get the link.

It is important to build links with others, as you need to calm down. Just as in real life, such as making friends, you should not make friends too much, too rampant when it will be bad review, or would meet those you no good. Make friends with people as much prestige in society, it will help you live better.

In the linked issues, you also need to pay attention to the construction of social networks. If you heard somewhere, the link from Facebook are not appreciated. That's one big mistake you're experiencing. You need to share your article, introduce them to friends, relatives, ask them to read and analyze comments. That would be better.

Surely your rankings will improve if your articles get people to share more, and links to your built-1 naturally.

Nothing can guarantee you the top 100%

Myself, who wrote this article, also can not be sure that would put any top web on Google. But I can list you see the reasons why you failed to put up Google web. From these reasons and the creation of yourself. I hope that your site will sit on top of the other guys at Google.

Again, read carefully and in detail about the issues raised in the article. Review the entire process you are doing or going to do. If you still have questions or wondering. Ask questions in the comment section below. It would be great if you do that.

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Putting your Web Archive Top Google, why did you fail?

Putting your Web Archive Top Google, why did you fail? Posted on 29-08-2015  Are you putting up top web Google? You want to top Google higher and higher. Have you studied and are prepared to do that? Please read this article 3 times before performing. Surely you will be successful! 5/10 800


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